Sunday, September 27, 2009


aaj Shubho Nabami

there were a few drops from heaven in the evening and I am pretty sure that today being the last day of the Pujo, the Pandals will be full to their brims tonight,

Sitting here in Kolkata, I got a chance to have a preview of the whole thing this time, more close than I usually do .


Visited a relatives place, where they have their own Pujo, and it has its own existence that is a niche of its own.

This Pujo I learnt a new thing, I saw that many Rickshawwallas now want to take their kids to the Pujo and will rather go home on time and not do the extra time that kills a man. The Taxi guy today was so nice that I could not believe  my ears, when he told me about his life and the problems he has. He knows about Karl Marx, Mao Zedong and talks about everything wrong with this country.

All I could tell him is that this country has 5 times the population of that of America and for us to live a higher standard of living we need to become 5 times the current America, isn’t it, all I could tell was that working in the weekdays in South City Mall and weekends in this taxi , all he will ever do is just dream just like me, we are dreamers, we have been put to sleep long back. Some of us will wake up and some not. Some will be strong, some will be weak, and rest , which is the majority will be at the mercy of destiny, they will never be able to dare to dream, since it gives a lot of pain, it makes you realize, that something or the other went wrong and this is the misery that you will have to suffer, All you can do is  give a smile, take it as it comes, and thank that you were not born in Afghanistan or some remote corner in Bangladesh . The misery for the people in Bangladesh is more in places where they see their relatives and close friends go abroad and send home their pics of luxurious life, these are the people who know that there is a chance, and they are all waiting, some will make it , some not ..



By the way , this time in Durga PUjo I realized that many can afford to rent a car and they have made traffic jams as long as a mile all around, In South Kolkata, there are just no entry points to keep your vehicle anywhere. There is just no place to park. A janaplabon as they call it … ( a mad rush you can say )

No one wants to stay at home after seeing the festivity on television  it seems



Its been 16 months since I have started to blog, but nothing much has come out of it other than some rather odd and random thoughts.

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