Friday, October 2, 2009

Lakshmi Pujo 2009

This si Oct 2, 2009, I am sitting in my work desk here in Kolkata, it is 6:16 PM

I have broken something in the office ( maaney software , ) where virtually you can make or break hundreds of things almost seamlessly.


Anyways, I am now working on some benchmark or big design failures. One took about an week to fix, if 1/52 of a year I take to fix just one issue, that is very costly, I cannot keep doing it, we need to be solvers, who can make things done


I have started to believe that some people are superior and that, all the five fingers are not same, similarly we need to understand what goes correct for me may not work out for someone else, and sometimes, may be I am the weaker one and there are stronger out there.

All these books about regenerating the power within, can put you may be on a more optimized or stronger you , but in view of the current talents that I face almost everyday in office, I stand far behind, and in the time that I will take to  beat their current form they would move steps ahead,


the whole process of software development and issues with it, is that, you got to know a lot of stuff, and with huge experience can you take decisions that make a change, when the field was new, one could take decision quickly, since there were no precedence and good software was unavailable


the major softwares that were in working and popular mode where the gnu tools and the dos based applications, where basic coding was pretty easy said and done, but any time you tried something  advanced, you will go crashing with core file eating your disk space.


That was true about our very own GDB too,

Anyways, since I put a starting heading called the Lakshmi Pujo, all of Kolkata is now in the mood to do the pujas tomorrow, get hold of a priest to do it, the yagna , arrangements, the evening shoppings, the marketing for a good looking idol, the plans for food tomorrow, the Oct 3 2009, where we will do it


it was an week ago , that I think we were looking forward for the Saptami evening and now we are gone, sailing through the last week, I did not as much as feel a  heart beat in this whole week,


It is raining today , the weather department always in fear of a back lash will predict, that the next festival day we will have the rains, so that no one comes back and says,

“apnaar ki kortey bosey Aachen ? ain ?”



Still all said and gone, we are going through a time warp and I believe that is true,

kaash my days went a bit longer, I no longer want a 24 hour day in the current state of affairs , I would happily take a 48 day and sleep over it


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