Thursday, November 12, 2009

12 th November

Spent half the morning reading about some bogus rediffmail article about CK Prahlad

asking for India to make 500 more cities, To build more planned cities and not slums ( concrete slums ) all over again.


The comments in Rediff go  on to  show the amount of frustration  the common public has, there are many censored comments

the moderators are not spared either.One can find some very funny conversations too, from NRI vs frustrated Indian employees,


from private vs public sector workers

from IIT ians vs non IITians

From MBA holders vs normal managers


retired public servants vs current day stressed out workaholics,


you can find threads for South Indians vs North Indians


Biharis vs the rest of the universe



communists vs capitalists


I don’t have a clippings of many of them, but one Hindu article I really think one should read,


Everyday thousands of rural families migrate to the cities in search of better standards of living and what are causes behind them

written by a

Retired IAS officer of the Tamil  Nadu cadre


A man of the yesteryears, who has seen it all, the formative years of the Indian economy and India as we know today



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