Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Finally this Sunday, amongst riot that you can see outside mulitplexes to get a seat for 2012. I was able to manage a very good seat in a here to ,unknown theatre in Hyderabad, near the railway station , call the Prashanthi ,


I was astonished at how coolly we managed to get the tickets,

I watched it in an amazingly good balcony location for a 25 rs ticket


All till the interval ,when I realized why should not  have come here. At interval, even before it, the lights were dimmed, right when Paris was going down, and Rome was almost at the verge of collapse,

the movie in its magnanimity makes, countries like India go down in one sentence ‘hey there, I think India just collapsed ‘


Anwyays, at the point of the interval, which I thought the theatre print of the movie should have a banner across it, but it did not, just the lights started dimming , and within 30 seconds of lost footage, the interval started


All the children from across the aisles, went out , pushing, cheek by jowl, all the ladies, trying to  hold on to their tramps, the kids in the arms, all crying, unanimously, and the guys in their flip flops, and  decorated jeans, went out, all together,


they like it that way, and by they I mean all those who came to the theatre to enjoy the movie other than me,

they all had to had a cold drink, one of the guys in front  of me who was complaining about cold , or something, complained about the chill , I don’t know why he did ask for a cold drink in the first place, some of the kids had to take some pop corn, some had to shout at the top of their voice,

many had their phones on during the whole first half, but the sound system in side the theatre won everytime they raised their voice.


I think they are not used to losing, and they do try and taking beyond the 180 dB range, they never think of the discomfort of the others nearby, later I realized, they actually like to show off, this is there way of proclaiming, “see I now have important people calling me, I do have some work to do , I am not a good for nothing guy, I am use ful, see, look at me, and this mobile, it has a ear phone too, and if you need I will take you foto graph “




blah blah,

Anyways, another couple had to bring two of their kids to the movie, one  more victim of nuclear family, in the olden days, you could keep you child to anyone int eh family and take some time off, and in return when you get old, other young couple get to keep their children with you when they go to watch 2012


I once had seen a Gujarati family bringing their bunch of kids to watch the movie Sin  . in which  Shiney Ahuja was naked most of the time.

Obviously, the children cried, they could have got a mental shock, if you ask me, anyways, my friend, a daring girl walked up to them and shouted at the family “

What the hell, don’t you ask anyone about a movie that you are taking your children to, the gate keeper should have atleast caught them < I don’t know whther you could bribe your sons first porn movie as a birthday gift or not ?


The family just knew one thing, weekends, are to spend the money that I have earned the whole week, I like the on intellectual culture, at least hey get a chance to enjoy whatever  money has to offer, but then to bring you r children to movies like Zinda, Kalbhi alvida  naa kehna  or Sin for example


Do they need a title  like “ I press your boobs and you suck it down there “ before they decide that it  might be in the range of movies that keep good impressions in the minds of the children to start with,


Anyways , today morning a thought struck me, that , lets say , there really is a 2012 happening, what I will do is take a printout of all  my blogs, make a book out of,


“the blogs of  Rahiakil” and some how place it in the ship that will be made in China to save as ,



In future, I will be known as a great writer of the before flood.  But before that I will have to find and destroy the database or the server that will be having all the worlds good old literature, like Faust, Dante, Goether, Shakespeare, Milton , Chaucer, Wordsworth , one  by one, I will have to delete them and place my book


And there will be only author in the coming years, and that will be me

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