Monday, November 30, 2009

New ads

 I am at my Marredpally home,

Today morning, I got a chance to be at the System here in Hyderabad , from 10 PM. That  being a part of the business weekly meeting, we try to be religious about it,

Missed the morning Badminton game,


Will write about it all  together some other day , how I went on to buy one of the costly rackets, the shuttles, the track suits for the same


Anyways, I  am now sitting at home, watching TV , Roadies 7 comes with some good ads, one being from my very favorite Bani, though I have written about her long time back in one of the blogs, I believe 200 blogs ago


“Na Rakhi naa Rakhi ki maa, asli reality,”

it also has street banners like


“Bacchi ki shaadi nah , asli reality”



guys who believe in reality will not be in Roadies to start with, the only person who is really making something out of it really is Raghu, Though even he is out of this concept, only to drive bigger things ,. He is not a part shareholder of MTV, that is a big jump quite at an early age.


Anyways, I am sure he was a difficult guy to get along with for most of his friends

Coming to the new Indian ads, as usual the Fevicol ad ranks at the top along with many others,


I like the sweet face of the girl while she is jumping out the balcony in the Act II popcorn ad,


One of the new ads for Max mobiles, will show a foreigner in some remote village of India, where he tries to take photograph of utmost poverty , and the rural India, and how it looks like,


one damsel sitting on the porch in return takes the photograph of this guys taking a foto on her Max mobile,


a very very tasteful ad if you were to ask me. I am amazed that what happens to this creativity on the big screen, why do our movies suck big time,


25millipn dollars they spent on the film called blue, out of which many millions went to eh stars and that is why they did not have much to do with the rest of the crew


Akshay Kumar and his big fat pay cheque pulled the movie into the deep blue I believe


So much creativity in the bottom most guys,


There is a  serial called lapataganj that I watch now almost every day, it definitely reminds of the Agartala that I left in my childhood, so many characters to watch see and learn


I sincerely  hope that in our Social networking lives we have some thing similar to provide to the next generation of ours

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