Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Start of November

There was a chill in the air, somewhere around Oct 20, now it is Nov 4, and it is time for me to leave Kolkata and go.

I am not very sad about it, but somewhere I know that I will be missing these days,


with more time to spend on the roads and waste energy , I will seldom have time to finish my office work, with more time

to have to search for food, for other things, I will really be wasting a lot of time in the traffic, fixing the bike, to pay the bills,

to wait and watch at traffic signals,


all these problems were not there and I was complacent that it will go on like this from here in Kolkat.


In any case, tomorrow morning , early around 6 am I leave. I will try to be back in March/April time frame. Will be here for just a plain


if the management changes, I will try to come even more often, it all depends…


As of now, I am keeping this blog post as a diary , remembering the phrase, “life is not a bed of roses”

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