Sunday, November 15, 2009

Hyderabad . winter starts

it is mid November

It is sprinting right in front of me.

I always knew that time and tide waits for none, but tide at least you can predict, time, the predictability that after a period of time you will be able to guess what time is it , is now beyond human control


I specifically remember a childhood game,

we were class 1 or class 2. We invented a large number of games, without any prior experience,

just intuition. Spending time in the bus, like jumble words, with no absolute hint at all, and  pen and paper,


Someone would just say ailartsua and you have to find out , what is the original word


For a class 1 or class 2 student I am amazed at how good we were. We did math puzzles , square roots, etc.


Some of the games were in the school ground , and specifically out doors, you start from two corners of the ground and walk back ( facing the other way ).

The aim was to meet at the center, the best pair was the winner.  Anyways, those were just small games. We had some games, like run the stop watch and stop it exactly at 1:00.


that was like within 30 minutes one would have played across the group of 6 people,. ( 6 x 5 )  only 5 times. I used to win it most of the time. We also played this game of counting number of seconds without seeing a real watch, you had to say how many seconds had passed or you had to say that it was one minute up.


That was a real time counter game and some of us were real good at it. Also , we played about judging the correct time of the day ,

I was good at it


Well, now in 2009. I have lost it, I am insane. Today I woke up at 5 in the morning, as a part of my lifestyle change project ( I talk in numbers baby , I work for an American MNC ) . I went with my brother to the airport. I cam back around 9 and napped for a while as I was feeling that the sleep was not complete . Unbelievably, I woke up in 2 hours, but by the time I left bed after spending some pensive time in a Sunday morning bed, I saw the clock move to 2:35


I decided to get lunch. Thought about magi noodles, There was none at home. Went to buy one, now that I have finished, it, it is already 4:42


Where on earth can I explain the last 2 hours. Was I abducted or my time was abducted ….

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