Sunday, November 15, 2009

IDeas that bother

Idea did change my life

Nowadays I am not that prompt to see an SMS

I mean I don’t lookup  the inbox everytime the mobile beeps the SMS tone


I know that more than half the time it is a Idea promotional message


I missed one of the important ones my brother, not bothering to look  up the sms, as soon as it came since I had given up the hope of getting a normal sms anymore



Idea did change my life



Anyways, found some thing online


In order to stop IDEA promotional SMS/Calls, you need to register for 'DO NOT DISTURB', i.e. DND
Send a SMS ' START DND' to 1909 and get rid of prmotional calls/SMSs forever ...

or Google 'how to register for 'Do not Disturb'



May be this will help some one out there

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