Wednesday, November 25, 2009

One year since the Taj attaks in Mumbai

Though the Oberoi was under siege too , we have Taj as the vivid picture in our minds,


After that, the spot has now become even more of a viewpoint, with many families keeping it as a must see spot, and a must have a photograph spot,


there will be a frame hanging in many houses all around the country in the years to come, also for NRI families to take atleast one family snap near the Taj. Wall across the world will have it as a souvenir


But one thing that I do remember about the Taj case was that, there were some terrorists holed up in the Taj last year, the situation was similar to the Kargil war, they had one single point in their hold, no one with their sane mind would wage war against India at this time, these are rampant acts of terrorism, small treacherous activity only to keep their flag flying, some where deep down in the dungeons of illiteracy and propagandized world.


The one thing that I take from the feelings that I have about the killings last years as far as I remember was, people were all waiting, all  the news channels, without a singe ad , no one wanting to ,miss out on the drama, there were virtually a emptiness in the news channels, all directed towards, the drams  unfolding on the Taj corridors, but does any one specifically remember, what we as a nation was wanting,


The terrorists had made us murderers in return too, we were all waiting for the NSG to take command, kill the terrorists inside and take control of the situation.

I am not sure about any other way of working out the problem , but we as a nation , 100 crore people odd, or some what more, all waiting to see some lives go , some people ( terrorist people cal them  ) die


the terrorists had indeed made us murderers in return,

from children of 10 years of age to any person in sane logical mind was  trying to get those hold up terrorists killed,

After all, we were watching a live version of a death match.


I never , expected such a thing to happen, but there it was, when the last terrorist fell from the window, I remembered some scenes of mindless fanfare going all around the middle east and Tailban infected places, streets of Afghanistan when the 9/11 happened.


All in all, it has left a bad taste in my mind

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