Sunday, November 15, 2009


people run out of money, or paint , and there goes a good advertisement.


I recently saw a good one behind an auto, this was about Tata Yellow pages, it had a melting ice cream below which it had the caption “Act quickly”

that is the kind of advertisement, one can associate to immediately. Everyone has had a melting ice cream more than once and knows the importance of eating it quickly.


I liked it personally,

I hate the recent  fairness cream ads, there is something that you cannot change, I know of a friend who bought the Garnier fairness cream only because the fairness meter or a strip with 14 shades of skin tones was printed.  One was supposed to measure how the cream works by comparing before and after fairness meter reports.


Well, that is something that teaches me something about the human psyche, my friend who is a very fair girl judging by Indian skin tone standards, she is upset that she is not 1 on that meter, and is at 2, I don’t know how she came to that conclusion after all.  I believe that had this  been given to a person who is dark and goes below that 14 th marker, I mean that he is not even the lowest point that meter, he would not be worried to make it one shade lighter, He would be more practical, he would have either taken it as it should be, he would have rather  given up the tension altogether,



Anyways, one funny thing I saw in the morning, was, one Auto driver who had run out of paint  or ideas, had written it right across his autos back “

Raju Gandhi International  Airport “


He fucking, messed up the name of a ex PM , who had died for the nation. Well it seems people don’t take that shit seriously at all. It is ok, as long as some one figures out that there is only one Internation Airport in Hdyerabad and it is Rajiv Gandhi IA. So any one reading it would figure it out, we really have no opportunity to put up a Raju Gandhi  airport soon, because for that the Gandhi family would have to make a new baby and name it Raju , ( pyar se  of course )


And then make him famous, or for quicker turnaround time, make him the PM asap. I believe that may be a distant possibility and by that time, autos will be altogether banned in this nation.


Still, this is much better than what I had seen months back in some town in Bihar  , a wine shop which proclaimed more than happily “ Child Bear”


All I could figure out was, it means chilled beer, and as long it serves it chilled, no one would bother them about the bear .


Somewhere in Hdyerabad, I think opposite to the Madisson hotel in Begumpet, there is a wall that says  “Do not pass”


and then goes blank,  I was afraid, what does the poster guy mean, was he out of paint, wall, or what he had to go to answer natures call and never got his act together to come back and finish his masterpiece,


Actually the irony is that the wall is close to a school, some corporate offices. Well, what the author meant was “ Do not pass urine here “, the urine her goes in the second line, which had been washed away for reason.


Near the HAL airport ( old airport ) in Bangalore, there is a fruit juice center, that has a menu that goes “ Pome granite juice “

Actually better than “Promo grenade juice  “ in the Adyar Ananda Bhavan in Bangalore.


Minx shake ( milk shake ) ,   Benana juice,  crap apple shake  “


I believe I have seen many such signs and symbols all around the country , a local Dan Brown . But I did not keep a reference note anywhere , which I should have kept. That way I would not have missed any of these masterpieces.


One of the posters outside Reliance World ( Mayfair ) says, that “your  vehicles here will have to parked at owners risk”


ya, yaa, my bike is  a stolen one but I was prudent enough  to makes its owner sign a contract before I stole it , that  if ever I will park this bike I will do it, with his responsibility and more so when I am doing it outside Mayfair.



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interesting !! splly the fairness meter one :P