Sunday, November 15, 2009

And I forgot to write about Hyderabad winter

Today at 6PM I will showing a business plan to a friends Japanese language class mate. That will take about 2 hours,.


After which I go to Ajays, place to cook some food. I realized that no matter what I do , my onions always go half waste, the amount of rice I choose always, is wrong,


Only if I have another person to share the food, that does it perfectly fine. Ajay is a good cook, a bachelor in the mid thirties, some how, inarguably is a  good cook. I am can bet on it.


My driving classes are done. we only need to finish the reverse gear classes  which I will do by the end of the month , the weekend of 29 th November. Since on the 5 th I have the driving test.  I need to pass it, for if I have to buy the car by mid January ,for which I am saving everything that I have.

May be I will break the SBI NAV , whatever I get but still I need the car. A Hyundai i10


Research starts  now , am talking with a large number of people about it. Actually, most of my cousin brothers are advising about buying a new car , but I am not willing to shell out more than 3 lakhs now on buying a car. Since I am not in the mood for luxury but it is now a necessity I should get the closest possible deal and buy that car



Hyderabad now, especially these months, one cannot be anywhere else in the planet but in Hdyerabad, there is a chill in the air , especially  post the 9 pm mark. Trafiic has already spoiled the environment , and somehow it is not as cold as it used to be, but that makes it a very comfortable winter.



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Adishree Kashyap said...

i like the part where u mentioned "a bachelor in mid thrities" and combined with "the best cook" ... seems like some matrimonial advertisement and at the same time depicts such an irony .... mid thirties bachelor and good cook? ... a rare breed and one of its kind!!!!

best wishes with the cookin spree and ur driving lessons!!!!! i am also waiting for u to buy a car and i will not deny that i ve vested interest!!! ;)