Sunday, November 1, 2009

A Sunday in November

the very first Sunday in November,

Started with Lord of the Rings, the return of the King, and then Rogue Assasin, and the Resident Evil,



It was a long day, between naps, small workouts, and watching television,


I cannot imagine, that I could have been in a train today , but the tickets did not get confirmed and it stayed in waiting list when the chart was prepared , late yesterday night.

Today when I was trying to book the ticket, there were 3 –tier AC tickets available for the Falaknuma on the 3rd, but the problem were, first the laptop got shut down due to battery , then there was a network issue, and finally the card was not accepted,


I seldom make mistakes while using the card online, after three attempts, when you know that there are obstacles and things are not happening, you should back off, take a cool nap, and try later,

and that is exactly what I will do , I am going to book the train for Wednesday morning, trying the tatkal tomorrow, early morning.

Right now I am still a bit groggy, whether it is due to lack of sleep or due to  an overdose of it, is beyond my perception


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