Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Test match # 2 , Nov 2009

Well, when you see, Yuvraj being more gentle than he is usually, when you have  sweeper in the first over of a test match, when  you see, a gully in case of Rahul Dravid, batting in the other way around, you should know that things are not what it seems


Indian team was paying flamboyantly till today morning, when all of a sudden it got out at 642,


I don’t know , whether some Intel based experiment is working out such wonders on the pitch in Kanpur this time, but some how the way Harbhajan and  more of a surprise Dhone could not read the  Mendis at all, I am afraid this was a wrong choice to pick up three fast bowlers for this match that will be a Spinners cake walk  game



I like Dravid in a sense, if you see his foot movement you will see a new difference, instead of stretching it across the stumps, he  nowadays, stretches it forward, which is typical of Yuvaraj. This is a welcome change though late in the career and 10 K plus runs later,


But some where deep down I know that if Dravid is allowed to continue , we might see some blazing new score book changes, and records tumbling in the coming days,

Border you are down, Lara here he comes.


The test is now interesting, in the sense that I am waiting for Sehwag to take the bowl and  Yuvaraj if possible

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