Tuesday, November 10, 2009


I was watching, some old movie yesterday,and was surfing through,when I stopped at a very familiar picture,

A Punjabi driver, a chasing situation etc, etc,


If that is the truth, we have Punjabi drivers all around the world,Ban had once commented, that why not have some in the F1 circuit too,


the biggest connection was that F1 Driver Schumachers, fitness expert was one Punjabi, the Mallyas are south Indian and they don’t drive

those cars in the circuits,


Ban always, brings out those points, that one will miss out, normally,


Anyways, Ban has finally, come up with some good ideas, he was asking his brother to start selling LCD monitors ( dumb computer monitors ) with External TV tuner

cards that come for about 1 K , so all you need to sell a 22 inch LCD tv is a 9 K lcd monitor (May be Acer will sell you one for even less ) And pull in one more k for the tv tuner

card. There you go , you can sell a lcd TV in itself for half the price, install it and make your own business,


Who stopped you from assembling it. Anyways, his latest one being pushing me for the IAS. After months of thinking, I think it is a point in my life, when I still  have the next three years, till I turn 30.

Well, Ban is great, and let his expectations from me come true

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