Friday, October 30, 2009

After many nights

today is one of those nights, when I sitting without much work, have pushed away , dodged some, and dribble through most of the work,


Finished something early in the day , Took a bus ride to Ruby Hospital, Came to Gariahat, Tried some by lanes of Ekdalia, Someone told, me that take the left from the Sarkar house,


Why is it called the Sarkar house, well, PC Sarkar ,the famous magician, stays there,

A beloved mayajaal presenter of all times.

Merlin award winner ,for a number of times, known dear to many kings and heads of states, the house stands almost,entowering that alley,

I forgot to make a note of it,


well, from Gariahat, I always thought that Gol Park was far off, today I took a walk, and soon, saw, Bawarchim Banccharam, out there, and I realized that they always close by and I was the one confused about it,


There is some thing called the Das Cabin , right next to the Gariahat more, I was expecting, some thing like the Purbani of the 80s, my mother always shopped in Gariahat and took us for a plate of Afghani out there,


Sicne this is the penultimate day in Kolkata today, I wanted to feel the city, and here is something new that I can write about, this Das corner, I sat there for some time, asked for tea.  I waited for some one who comes here regularly to come and order, Slowly, one guy entered rushing, he order for three moghlais, and went away, just the kind of guy I was expecting , these are the people who come here regularly and know what to order,


I partook a part of the moghlai and realized how come in this age of modernization, a structure like Das Cabin ( like the Dutta Cabin outside Howrah station ) does not get run down by a Mainland China,

here for 20 Rs you still get bliss,


Out there in Hyderabad and Bangalore, the cities are just starting to sprawl, people don’t have a choice, they charge you 50 % more on everything, thus if you can stay in Kolkata for 30K a month, make that 45 K straight off, plus your rent, that you pay extra


Well, there were n number of buses and autos, all shouting, 8b 8b,

I found one 1 A, a bus direct from the garage, going to the shed, was plying without passengers, Asked whether it will go to Jadavpur. It was a dark one, and they did not want passengers, as it might be a problem with the route buses,  thus without fare and without stops, and with free seats everywhere, I came all the way till 8B,


The famed college gates, through which , hundreds of silicon valley stars, management gurus, have walked , and even the shark that bites, me almost every day , once studied,


Once more, almost like a nostalgic memory of the last 20 years, of my life, time and again, these gates, remind, of the Chemical Engineer seat that I left in Jadavpur.

Whatever happens, happens for the best , is my policy, may be this distance from the institution is something that keeps me attracted to it,


Kolkata, is a city of joy, immense excitement, people here are different, have the creativity to make life look like something with purpose, the intellect to feel more at home , and understanding the city , is a task  impossible for me, more so in a bunch of words, and that too from my vocabulary is wrong endeavor .


Well, day after tomorrow, I have the train to Hyderabad, the tatkal three tier AC, only way to get a ticket, in todays, world, in a country with population that shows every where,

amount of three tier ac compartments per train is a fallacy,


Truth is we don’t have a AC seat when we want it,  and even money cannot buy it, for flights, money can buy you something, but with trains and people like us, it is an affair, that simply does not work out



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Kunal said...

I was researching for a book and came across this beautiful post about Gariahat. It was heartfelt and earnest and I enjoyed seeing my city (?) through another's eyes. It came alive, it throbbed.