Wednesday, July 16, 2008

About gods

Nope this is not one of those blogs with rolls of useless muttering. This not about god per se.

I have not met him in person and that must explain to you what I feel.


When I was a child , I used to attend all the religious occasion with ambition to achieve the closeness and admiration of god to be one of the loved ones. Yes by the time I was 16 or 17 I started to question most of it and I had started to take most religious scripts to be nothing else but the moral code with the penal terms being harsher than any worldly  jail.


TO talk about it now, when I don’t know when was the last time I went inside a mandir or a temple. I know that one might find peace there but some how the peace is visible in some costly ashrams or in a church on the weekdays.

The temples are always full, How on earth do you think that any god will have any time for you in this hullaballoo. One of my friends was complaining about the hygiene in some of the garva grihas in some mandirs, where there no cleaning is possible since devotees will be crowding it everyday.


Now when I enter a mandir, I don’t know what to ask. Is there any power in prayer?

That is one question that needs to answered before I start believing again.


Discovery has started to show a lot of programs like “A Haunting “ to ghost villas and trying to understand the unnatural.


By the way there is site called that actually lets you search a host of gods on the planet. Paakiya said. Man Friday  was a great god. Man Frinday from Daniel Defoes Robinson Crusoe.


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