Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Ban Back again

Ban , was at his best the other, day ,

I have been writing about for quite sometime , Now after the Bangalore, And Ahmedabad Blasts that rocked india this weekend, he believes that if ever the terrorists are to be tamed down, they might have to be given a job and the best job in offer will be that of the poor software engineers, under a American management full of Indians again,


I am seriously starting to consider that yes, people or the terrorist mastermind who can actually make people die over the justification that after death things will be nice, can do anything with that team in software.


They can tell,

“If you do this and this, and suffer in the process, nightouts here and there, work over the weekends, 5 times a day you give me reports, and if you also bring other people in the process , you will be rewarded some time in future”


Don’t you think people who can motivate others to die can do wonders in the industry ?

Wow, we already have too many boys from South India in the industry who will spend day and night in office, since they usually don’t have anything else in life to do .They will have a tough fight from this surrendered Jihadis in the software industry,



Ban rocks

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