Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Thank you reader

I just got one comment from someone on the last sketch I drew and have put up here. I was just sitting in front of the television . The memories of the horrors of the poor pakistani girl in the picture, brings a lot of other stories out in the open about the sad state of women in some parts of the world.

If any of you have already seen this footage and knows where it comes from you will agree with me, Nothing for the day today .
I am not in the mood to write


Anonymous said...

thanks for the mention! your post about your friend from denmark was really touching ....what a bitter truth you have brought out ...the world at two sides of the road are so different and so distant from each other . i guess your friends and loved ones will expect more such posts from you...posts where you write from your heart and not just thinkling whether someone will read it or not .good job!!

Anonymous said...

just read what you have written about my query on that sketch no more comments from now on ...may be i will just drop in once in a while!