Thursday, July 17, 2008

Tintin in Thailand

“Tchang” that  sound that Tintin made when he sneezed in Tibet.

Well this guy turns out to be some stripteaser in a male  or gay bar in Thailand and Tintin enters the scene.


Jolyon Wagg has come to Thailand to do business but did not return leaving Georgette behind . Georgette who will later pay for Tintin and Haddocks trip to Thailand.

You will find the professor in the mood to do the swing too in this one.


Poorly illustrated, one of the fan fiction stories this one turns out to be the worst one ever. Well, there are others like Tintin in AlphArt. It does not need an ardent reader to find out that the pictures are not that well drawn and the Tintin we all love, has gone for good


I found some more of Tintin cartoons in , You may search it there .

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