Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Some interesting stuff for Bengalis in Bangalore

Though it is a shame that being in Hyderabad I had to take Tata Sky to get Bangla channels at home whereas  Etv Bangla is produced right there in Hyderabad ( Ramoji Film City )

So much so that most of the time I have flew to Kolkata from Hyderabad I have met people working on the Bengali channel. News readers to many technical people , many of the actors and sometimes with luck, Bengali  actresses, though nowadays every other girl from Bengal has been turning heads here and there.

They rule the south movies industry and after Kajol and Rani Mukherjee, Bollywood is not to be left either.


Well, the information that I wanted to talk about, first, I am finding more and more stores in the town ( Bengaluru ) to be selling Anandamela. Don’t know who it was to start it but it was a good business opportunity.  It will revive the magazine which has gone from being in competition to be the best childrens magazine in the country to be a 32 page slim , ad rigged monthly magazine without the creative team behind ( who have packed their bags for other better opportunities again to appease some American company or a better paying job in Mumbai ,


Well, the second thing is that more and more towns are slowly getting Bengali channels together with the default packages. These are some of the turning points of the influence and emergence of a new culture in the town. I don’t remember which museum it was, but in one of the museums in New York City I had read about the slow entry and growth of the Jewish culture in the town and how it evolved to be a prominent one by the turn of the century. This is also one of the moments where a southern city like Bengaluru is slowly becoming second home for the huge Bengali  population here.


I go out to play here with a bunch of people who had left Bengal 5 to 10 years back  , it was an exodus. All talented boys, some know how to sing, some know how to play the guitar, Some are passionate about writing, some photographers


And Some are just cool. They left their homeland a long time ago and the City welcomed them with opportunities. Even if it was then that the government could have understood the importance of the education system it could have made some differences. On the other hand, what govermnet was doing was introducing a CET train , or the so called Common Entrance Test for Karnataka Engg Colleges . So that there is one way to send them out . Farewell it was and no one returned.


And if I were to talk of the current times, it is even worse now with colleges getting sold to the junk and the ever important seats of the institutions of knowledge getting destroyed in the process. The trust  is lost, and the alma mater is some thing that people don’t always associate with education. Even if measures were taken  now, could we expect some relief.

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