Friday, July 18, 2008



The other day we went for Kungfu Panda in Fame  Lido Bangalore, there they play the Jana Gana Mana, National Anthem in the beginning of the show.


I saw most the faces out there ,looking here and there and trying to hide their eyes from those,  who were sitting and did not consider it to be done that way,

Some were doing it since all their friends were standing,

Some were standing out there with a feeling that wow, the others might see my enthusiasm and think highly of me,



How many times do you talk great about Indian only in the expectation that yes the others will accept it , because, after movies like Chak De, Swadseh  and Rang De Basanti it is a must that you talk greatly of this nation. Otherwise you may be treated as an outcast. Deep down you know that there are problems , there bigger problems looming large.


Mind you ,

Most of these films did not show that we are great, Rang De Basanti , definitely smokes on rat out, we have just too much corruption in the top level.


Chak De says that how easy it is for us to generalize, even today , how difficult it is for us in this country, With not many people who will encourage you , there are just too many crabs out there,


Swades tells you as much, that how difficult a decision it is for somebody well settled in the US to come back to this country and do it.  Accept it or not many NRIs do demand some one like the Gayatri Joshi , to come back , if you know what I mean ( if most of the girls in your college have not been married to some NRI , you will not accept me though  ).



Well, that is the truth, be patriotic but not idealistic in the shadow of idealism



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