Tuesday, July 1, 2008


I am sitting in my office in RMZ infinity here in Old Madras Road at 11 pm in the night. I went down an hour ago to eat something. I came back with a heavy heart. There is a huge jam on the road outside RMZ .


This kind of mixed emotions, having to see a growing and developing India with so much ruckus on the part of the governance is not a uncommon scenario in this country. My friend who came to visit me in Kolkata. He wanted to stay in the best place available. Being from Denmark, he thinks he can afford most of the luxury that India provides. So Hyatt let it be



He woke early in the morning since he had come late in the night the day before , he looked tired but had the will to go out and explore the poverty that he was told about on television channels,

Though whatever cab service and stuff like tourism plans he worked out turned out to be overpriced for a country where the per capita income is less that what an average American wastes in a single day , he was astonished that people who are residing and earning in black money in this country can actually afford to do what he cannot even dreams of.


Well, shattered with this image. He the shutterbugs takes out his camera , one SLR with a lens as heavy as a kilo . I am told that it priced at over 3 laksh or 6000 Euros. All he wanted now was poverty , and the poor rag pickers on the roads for his memories of India. He called me up .


And all I told was , “Just cross the road my friend “


And that is it, he got loads of pics for his memories backto Denmark. All the poverty he ever wanted, right on the other side of the road.


Scary isn’t it. TO be found naked anytime and that the vulnerability which we cannot control. Some of my friends want to pursue IAS, as they think that politics is one place you cannot survive being idealistic.



WE need to change with times and politics is one dirty rotten game that has reached levels unheard of in the past. WE as Indians will always suffer as long as these criminals of humanity stay around to suck the blood of each and every individual out there.


Don’t you ever  commit the mistake of thinking that you have not been a direct victim of the deals of politics . Every time you leave you land to study in Bangalore, or a job in Hyderbad or for higher studies in US, you are the victim of poor politics and bad strategy the rulers of this country has played over.

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