Tuesday, July 8, 2008

End of danger

Are you supposed to feel optimistic about the topic. Nope, End of danger is start of the next . And that is the danger from within , the failure to cope up with the danger , the mistakes that could have happened and the next few steps.

The few days on  earth , dangers from all sides. That is what makes the end of danger all the more difficult for we Indians.

We have come a long way , but do you know that the scenes of a rapidly growing India is an image that is wrongly perceived among no one else but the Indian himself.  I was reading an article in the newspaper on the number of suicides happening in India. On an average in the last ten year 7-8 farmers have committed suicide every day.


DO they even care when the flyover will be completed ? Do they even know what it means to get a dollar salary?

Nope, I am not even talking about them. I am talking about suicides rising in the number of newly married people. The image of the husband and the wife is no longer decided and thought in the same lines as the olden days, and we all know that. Still in this treadmill of 9 – 9 work  no body chooses a lifepartner the way it should be done. There are some prejudices about the white skin among males and for females it is the best of the lot she moves around and that is it.  Not all of them are mature enough to take the plunge after some careful years trying to understand. Mostly it is the family taking the decisions in case of the old average good boy of the middle class Indian households. Or else it is the quick decision taken while taking a small leave from office.


On the other hand, the western countries take the institution of marriage as the single most fate changing decision of life. We on the other hand go a long way to break all the barriers of a though process and any logical thinking. Beer that helps old and ugly women get sex in the western countries runs its parallel  in India in the institution of arranged marriage.


The decision taken by some one in 1950 , will have to be carried till 2000 where as the man who takes the decision may die  in the next 10 years not knowing the fate of the marriage .

That sort of irrational thought process that this country has imposed on the children of the nation has brought us to a stage where we will see an high number of divorces in the coming days, and any divorce lawyer out there is in for surprises.


The image of a good heroic husband should be immediately stopped , the porn movies should be banned and marriages should more on realistic grounds rather than a media driven , image loaded hedonism

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