Thursday, July 10, 2008

The end of the world

Why people are increasingly starting to think that the end of the world is near?


Well, I personally think that there is a quick burning going on every where,

People are bored out their studies and want to start working asap. Like western countries where civilization came ealier than countries like ours , people have already started taking  work quite early in their lives whereas students in India will spend an entire youth trying to get degrees for worthless reasons like marriage,  and may be better future,


I feel that I lost out on industry  experience by studying in a college where there was no education but Xerox and handouts to study just a day before the exam. Got some friends, but would have found some anyway.


Now that, we don’t miss people anymore, we have more of them all the time, we trying to find excuses to avoid . There are sms, mails, cheap air travel, lot of events and money. All these things do bring people closer but the same thing that one generation earlier did is now out of the question.


People are seeing more movies, reading more, exploring more, countries are closing down the gaps between each other.  More travel, more relationships one life, one man is not only  covering more distances in a single day, they are growing exponentially every day,

We are bringing the extinction of natural resources slowly, we are bringing the death of species, we are eating away the chunks of this earth,


Soon, with this rapid growth, we will find ourselves  tired of this planet and there will be a mass exodus from this social life and the treadmill of boring, regular work. Even the Himalayas will be full of sadhus then, you cannot expect peace anywhere


That is the end of the world

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