Friday, July 18, 2008

Why did we study ?

I don’t know why at all I should have studied in college, It seems that only the genius could make any use of it, Today after working for almost 3 years on a compiler I have come to understand and figure out some stuff that can help me in making compilers the way they need it today


Most of us learn or make use of that thing called a brain only once we come to the industry , Seldom do we learn anything that makes a great difference in the real life.

WE are constantly trying to do it only for the day, We have become too much of living only at the moment kind of people. I am not sure whether the statement that I am putting here is acceptable or not, but I feel that most of the college learning is actually sham in that there is no particular good coming out of it,


We don’t need no education , “nope I don’t want to go into that road either”

We need education so that we can read , we can read what others think, We need to know what the other person really thought of , back then and right now.


I see many of my friends who will not talk about cheap stuff ( things they consider cheap ) , or talk about the lack of girls in todays world. They think they are not acting cool that way, Who put that thought in their mind in the first, They have some images of kool people in the heads, where a boy is cool if he does not talks about the problems in the country, because they feel that people will not think  highly of them. They will not talk about the desperation in their lives, when they see some other guy with a good looking guy,


Why so , because somebody might think that they are depressed or are not cool enough to get a girl , These prejudices will kill the real man  , and all you get is a mask , a Halloween face, that hides the true guy inside you.



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