Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Cracking the code of childhood

I have been thinking this for quite a while. The childhood that I really miss, why do I really miss it. When there was no freedom. There were so many restrictions. Why do we have memories of the stories we read and the imaginations that we had.

What was it that makes us look back to those days. I did not have a backing of a prosperous family. Education and academics was the only thing to look upto , but even I do feel the vacuum created by the end of childhood.

All of a sudden I am in my mid twenties , supposed to be the roaring ones, where as we end up spending most of our evenings in these walls of need. To fulfill   responsibilities of the coming future. To be ready when it happens.


To earn money for the deteriorating body in the process of doing it. It is all in the hope to be ready at the right time. When will be the description of childhood be better than times like these when your homework is a must and the punishment cruel. Family , dependents, shackles.


I did not have the best of childhoods, but I still want to go back. I think that the memories of childhood mainly involve our dreams and whimsies rather than the truth. We really lived in a different world. A world full of our own imaginations.


Growing up has only taught us not to stay in those dreams and get stuck. Never to fall into that trap again. That is what growing up is all about.

Stop dreaming and thinking practical, the way the world really is and how difficult the chances are . And all we wanted was to grow up. So we did and missing childhood is just missing that imaginary world of ours. Nothing more than hours of looking into the void and filling it pebbles from here and there.

The media that we watched, the very thought that there are a lot  of unknowns and that I too will grow up to be what I dream.

They just shatter , if you are not at the top, you are definitely at the bottom. This is called growing up. Growing up to what you are rather than growing up to what you think you can be.



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