Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Minakshi Khanduri

There is something about this particular girl in Splitsvilla,


She was slowly sliding out of the show more so because she wanted it. I know that the guys out there are trying to make a decision that they don’t give a rats tail worth of value ,but there is something about Minakshi that tells me that she will make it big , whether here in media or in any other field. She is so cool about her getting dumped.

She is hot and has the latina color with Indian looks, and also is sexy to the core and sweet face. All the things that goddess of the fabled mythology could touch . Well, Since I am committed I am not supposed to talk like this about another lady , but I think it will be a unfair on my part to not show the world how a girl is ought to be praised if need be.



I think  if Minakshi wanted to stay it would have been very difficult for the others , definitely. She did not show any attempt to stay , may be her script was that way , but whatever it is you definitely left indelible marks on me somewhere.

Good girl, and have the merit to be a top femme. Good luck

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