Friday, July 18, 2008


Is the process of getting into the work force of todays India a proper channel to direct the power of the youth.

I don’t think so , with too much money involved in the current day higher education , most of the youth cannot think of higher education anymore,

With colleges in India charging as much as any western counterpart without even having the facilities near to what any university in the developed countries provide I think this is sheer waste of time and money,


Money though is provided by the filthy rich in India and the mainly the one that let you generalize evil with prosperity in India. Time is wasted for the students and the good faculty if any, Though it sounds harsh , but yes there are very few passionate teachers,


Long back in the 1800s the best student in the village would turn out to become the master moshai or the mater babu of the village and if by chance some good heart turns to one of the villages it would be deemed as good luck and signs of development for the village, now the only thing is flight,

Everybody flies to the first possible scope to leave your place because nothing good can ever happen to it, leaving the rotten brains to take care of the place.  Kolkata is a flaming example where only the mediocre stays back, the ones that are good in studies would have bought a flat somewhere in Noida, Hyderabad or Bangalore and the less studious or the dynamic ones would have left it to go to a place where there can be more challenges to face and more risks to be taken,

The complete mediocrity if the town is visible in the town planning, the city management, the municipal decisions and the goons they feed,


It is a gunda raj in the happening because soon there will be an alarming scarcity of good brains in Kolkata and the back benchers that fill up the UPSC and the SSC seats will soon start taking decision of the macro kind and that is when doomsday will start

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