Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Arranged Marriages.


After some verbal assaults from Ban on this topic, he finally landed on arranged marriages to be nothing short of deranged marriages,

And he thinks that on the same grounds as this we should challenge the existence of god. Then he started relating something completely controversial. Atleast according to the latest news channels. He started doing the Ku Tark.


There is tark, bitarka and there is ku tarka.


Like, if a glass half empty can be termed as glass half full, similarly a door fully closed should be called fully open. Wow, that was like some thing out of the blue . A blue moon out the blue, He seems to be having these hallucinations most of the time nowadays with American companies slowly becoming a spoilers with the average middle class American not being able to afford products made from third world countries like ours and services where Indian employees answer their calls. There has been some amount of load shedding from the working culture in India nowadays.


Still, to come back to arranged marriage, he picked up some stuff that he caught on aaj tak about some groom getting  groomnapped and then taken to the marriage hall. Then he was married to this fat ass bride whom he might had avoided if there was no video camera to take recording of. So there he is married to this happily married bride of his. He has to take care of him, and since the cost of maintaining an elephant has gone up with shit like inflation and all that happening, he has finally asked for that thing that no self respecting ,  ego pampering , and dollar earning youth of today would ask.

Dowry …. And it was like the brides family was ready with it since the time they knew that the X and Y s have resulted in F.  Both parties new that something wrong is on the other ones mind but no one dare say,


And pop comes the money . One brought 15 kilos of 100 rupee notes. And the sack was left there to be admired by the video camera. Wow, that is how it is. If some one picks you up , you end up in double bed needing triple size one with truck loads of money to make up for it.

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