Friday, July 18, 2008

Yamini in Splitsvilla


This girl was carefully placed in this whole plot where most of the girls are models and represent the forefront of modern day women in the making for India.

Yamini is a the whiff of freshness that one demands from a show like this. I don’t know where Bosky stands apart from the fact that yes, she definitely can run a business , not all men understand the fact there exists something called love. But some realize that yes a bonding can come with staying together and let us go for it in expectation that a happily married life might be there in store for us.


Bosky will be the ideal companion for somebody who wants a wife who can wield a storm or two when it comes, and not somebody who will break up often and expect you to be there all the time.  Heena stays low apart from the fact that she is there for a purpose just like others and wooing the boys definitely is not their go,


I don’t think Raghu is happy with the outcome other than the fact that he now own 1% of the MTV output, so that makes him more answerable for a show which can actually fire of the explosive any time soon

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