Tuesday, July 22, 2008

July 22 2008

All my plans for the Bengali magazine are still nascent, There are no contributors, yet, ( no perfect contributors) .


Still, the hope and the hunt is on. The weekends are getting spent silly on movies and food. This weekend we went to MTR, The mavalli tiffin room, which had in its days of yore hosted some of the best political dinner and lunch sabhas during the Raj and after that.


Now it continues to allure newcomers and travel channel hosts from all over the place. Discovery , TLC, NDTV Good times, and never mind DD . Yesterday , we had been to Crosswords on the Brigade road. I usually ended up finishing some book out there. IT was Subroto Bagchis autobiography. If  you were to ask me I would rather say , with the brothers he had, one a revolutionary turned  ascetic, one IAS officer , with both parents ant their parent having been dynamic people and a father and mother fighting blindness and mental illness. I should say he is one man who has weathered a lot of storms in his days.

I have increasingly started to believe that in todays world, suffering is the only way out to achieve something while you are alive.

There are a lot of problems and we attack them only when we are in our comfort zone, but never to be dynamic and never to take it head on. Escapists all around, and the way the current society drives you to become one. I have no idea where it is all going.


People like places like Bangalore, why , because away from the society they despise,  they think it is freedom, but stop there, coz soon you will need a societal life, Soon you will become part of the new society there, What will you do then?

You need to then enter society back and there again you go .



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