Sunday, July 27, 2008

The sad story of the Indian Softie

There are so many ongoing things in the Indian cultural setup that it is too difficult to put just on picture up. This is the year 2008. We have just been hit by the fact that a growing nation if not planned at the top level will soon tumble on its own growth demands.

India is growing, yes, there is a visible feeling all across. There are people coming to India to witness this. There are so many second tier towns growing up to become full fledged cities. There are too many Indians who have been abroad for at least once in their lives. A young crowd that starts slowly antagonizing itself with the fact that India has a lot to go . This young crowd goes abroad and realizes that a developed country is developed in terms of so many things.  It is not only a bunch of concrete structures, the country side, the small town ships , the so called villages.  They really do look like what they show on television. The movies will be always  shot there in this lifetime of ours


I am 25 and I am just not able to cope up with the fact that being an Indian I am just supposed to suffer.  I know I am supposed to be patriotic and give India time, but for how long, it is like languishing and expecting my lawyer to have some time for me to fight my  case rather than the rich.


I am 25 , I have done good in life in terms of academia , and also , somewhat prosperous than my other friends with whom I started with from a school in a small town in India. I was increasingly told about the smart town kids and metros. How being a small town guy , you are supposed to fight it out throughout your lives.

Now I have grown up to be as good as any big town guy, but in the process I had to go through so many years of hard work in school , ( the physics that will never do me any good, the integration and derivation will never feed me , )  , those years in college, where we did nothing, why , the education system is something I will never be proud of. Once upon a time a village only saw the best student turn out to be a  master . The village school master , as we called it. Today, times have changed . Students who don’t get any job in some American company , or some high flying MNC, or at least a meager job somewhere in a small town will end up becoming a lecturer.


I have even seen some guys ending up teaching only to be in touch with the girls they cannot meet in work places.  They seriously believe that a teachers job makes you a Casanova.


I am 25 and I am supposed to still believe in the strength of good character and patience and give life a chance. I already see that I am far from teenage and that the golden days will never come. Being a good student you are supposed to never enjoy life. I have slowly started to believe that the country has some ideological differences setup by the current moral beliefs. “A child to be fed by his parents “


Many parents will either spend all their living on a child expecting him or her to grow up fast and give them what they missed. That way some of them end up being frustrated with lives seeing their child not living up to their expectations . Some who will make out one moderate success will kill that childs youth trying to do for his other siblings. 
The society with dowry system to give away for the daughter, makes this childs life even more difficult. They end up frustrated with their own lives.


When I was in college I believed that everything is possible, yes now I know the meaning of the statement, “ Everything is possible “. No it is not, it is just not supposed to be so .

If I were to start I could end up writing hours and pages about what I believe the truth is. I may come tomorrow to this page , and pat my own back as to how much more enlightened I was right at this age. At 25 I am just not happy with whatever is going on.


Many parents on the other hand will earn all their lives sacrificing their  own youth and then expecting their children to have as much fun as it is possible. These are the spoiled kids. Not all rich children will act the same it is but those parents who themselves did not know that things could go out of control if let loose since all they knew as bitter hard work and putting their heads stuffed with work and money making that they forgot to notice how the world works.


Parents should take care till some age and leave it to their children. It is paying off for our country since many parents will make it a point to send their son money till he is done with his Phd. Though many don’t do it in India any more, they  go abroad.


We fill the American universities , but why, are many of us that passionate about studies, no but just  to get admission to that country. It is not the PhD we are after it is the Green Card.  Many of us don’t believe that 15 August 1947 was the independence day , but it is the day we enter America to be independence day,


All we want in our lives to reach that nation. Today , many will not say an yes to me . Why ? The person reading this article must be some one of the intellectual class and has been able to make somewhat decent living and believes that by not going to America, you are showing you patriotism.

Well, I say , that we are not doing any good to this nation by staying back, For so many years, the exodus was all that mattered to this nation. Every body looked up to it and thus people went abroad, especially to America. The ones that could not, went everywhere else. Some went to Europe, and some to Australia.


Many are there in England. Trust me, they are even there in some island that you can blindly point out in the Pacific. We poor guys, we will even go to Afghanistan to work. Why ?


Because there are no opportunities here! And we don’t play fair. One MNC in Kolkata allows the richs mans son to do his internship leaving the good applications away, One College in Bangalore will allow the local politicians nephew to be a lecturer. And lets not talk about the other gashes caused in the last few years.


Why me? Is one question many ask. Well there is no better answer than Karma of the Hindi beliefs and yes, I have tried to search for another, Nothing else did sound as logical like Karma.


But it is not the question of Why me? It is the question of Why my nation ?

Why it is India, that is such a dump hole of problems.


There has to be a smart solution to this all. Reaching office itself is such a tiring thing in India, how do expect some one to go and work there. Long time back when I was a child I had seen one such program on DD. One man whose wife was in labor had to drop everything and get his job done so that his senior could attend on party. The child was born still, and he was fired for not having done his job properly.


That was the kind of slavery the Indians have gone through in the previous generation. I am happy when In compare my situation today  , but there is one thing that makes me feel sad that, though we all are in the positive mood most of the time about the coming days,

We are just a one billion strong bunch of optimists who will be let down. Whether it is development, whether it is growth, whether it is sports, whether it is technology,


Sorry, I just cannot accept it. You cannot chose a mother do you and once you are born to India it becomes your mother land, that is one sentence that you have serve, that is it!



How does this country grow, how can somebody like me who is all set to make some changes start , and be sure that he will not be let down by the system. I know, I that I am not supposed to blame the system. You should get into it, make sacrifices. Blah blah,


Make sacrifices, why me?  For that you need to be like Hanuman, no wives, no kids, and no worries for your parents.  For sacrifices, you need to be like Howard Roark from Fountainhead. You need to be free from worries and then you can do great . That is what I strongly believe. Somebody with responsibilities just cannot.

There was this political party started by the IITian in Chennai , Why do you think they broke up ?


Politics plays with dirty money. They can play in 100s of crores, the kind of money that could give you a good life in any of the major holiday spots of the world. That is the truth , the blatant truth is money can buy anything,

Yes, I have not been able to enjoy a decent holiday in the last 3 years of my working life and with rising inflation and the country not delivering value of money concepts, I am slowly growing to the notion that in this life itself if I have to do more , see more, the either you got to be a genious, which I am not, seeing back at my track record.


I am a bit classier mediocre, who know what can be done with genious but myself I am not that . I am just  a simpleton who ended up getting a software job never to make anything from it. I know that there will be money when I retire since I am putting so and so in life insurances,


That being a good job holder I will end up marrying some body better than average looking  due to the social network of this country. I know that all these happen step by step and that I will have a kid someday,

Will have to pay donation for this school admissions, and most probably send him for GRE by the time he grows up.

And then finally shift to the flat that I would have made outside of the town in a small place to end up going jogging everyday morning, to exercise my aging body. Yes, that is the price of being a bit par average.

I am par average because I can think this way, I understand the spark of merit. If I were average I would have enjoyed the thought of the life written above. And I am not a genius because I really am not spending my time doing something great but write this story of the sad Software Engineer.

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