Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Software , is there any art involved

I don’t know whether I am qualified enough to consider myself someone who can or should speak about this topic.

But yes, I know for sure that any revolution that starts, it takes years to materialize. The revolution that we know as renaissance, were never known to be a organized event in history, they happened over a period  of 300- 400 years and the artists towards the end earned more laurels, since the movement had by then come towards its pinnacle.

That is the truth of it all,


Software writing, started in the last 50 years, we are still in the middle of this movement , we still don’t have the best tools and optimum tools for software development. Compilers still take a lot of time to compile, Writing code still involves knowing a lot of stuff before hand and you have to follow hundreds of rules, debugging sometimes takes a hell lot of time.


Once we have broken these barriers, we will roughly enter a stage where development of software will not be the main problem but the quality that it has will be the main concern.  I believe that this is the time, when still a lot has to be time and there is a lot of distance to go before the real fun to software development happens.


Through this blog though it is very difficult o express always a software engineer feels or goes through in daily life, but once you have conquered all the intricacies of a tool that you are working on it becomes easier for you to work on it, and then all that you are concerned is about the next level.


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