Thursday, July 10, 2008

The plans for a movie

I am constantly thinking about moving from this  average work.  But with the pressure of a family that looks upto you for its monetary needs, we need to garner strength to venture out, otherwise currently in the Indian markets I believe that the globalization is still starting to peek in, With such a large consumer base, any body can do some magic.


I believe that  anyone providing hygienic food and not ambience will become an instant hit, Why is it than that the food quality  in the restaurants gone down so bad.

Is it because that the owners don’t care whether there are people coming for the taste of the food or the ambience. In general  I find it easy for the owners nowadays, With so many things to try and so many cuisines left for the average Indian middle class that even if he caters to the first timers he will make a fortune,


Then there is the business of laptops. If you are not fancying selling anti virus software cds for 1000 rs, it is  better to be straight forward. Look at mobiles, prices ranging from 10k – 20 k looks like no barrier to many , recently my friend bought one for 21 k , Is that the price you pay for something that is not even a part of your personality, since I found the other day  , one auto rickshaw driver, flashing his N series and happily coasting away.


With laptops the same thing will happen, anyone able enough to sell a mobile can sell a laptop with equal ease. You will find an emerging India, people in trains and buses working on their laptops. Sweating in a clumsy crowd, these guys are listening to ipods to chill out.


Anything you do today will be readily consumed and easily bought off, We are fast becoming that culture that we despise (“Grapes are sour” ) someone said

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