Tuesday, July 15, 2008

New thoughts

Finally, I have decided to start writing on a regular basis. This blog of mine is slowly changing into an extended diary of mine. There are more personal stuff here than ever before.


Well, not of any particular interest to anyone. But it is rather intriguing to me that there is no writer who really writes about the current Indian teenagers life. The modern software engineers trysts with daily life in the ever increasing middle class of India.


I was listening to two girls chatting, who did not mind me listening it since they were pretty audible across the gap between them and my seat.


Well it was in the Bay area in the old madras road. I was sitting after the usual evening strolls that I take to reboot. One girl who pretty much looked like a smart , suave Ernst and young employee , was advising her close friend.


Smarty  - “Do you know it is rather important to look cool , slim and all that  , you need to think about it, Now that you have made it to a hep working place, it is time that you try out stuff”


Fat Ass – “ What kind of stuff?”


Smarty – “Lets say that you think that this job is there for you always, and fate has it that you have to let go of it. Some day for your family, or may be a firing, or may be another career opportunity and that day , India or rather the whole world is going through a patch of depression like the 1920s in US. If India is a striking example of growth then it is also a greate place to host the next big economical disaster “


Fat Ass – “So what”


Smarty – “ Well , you see, on that day , you might need to earn money and you wont be even able to sell you body to get anything done. I know it sounds cheap, it sounds that bad, but deep down you know right that money will never be a problem . But look at you , it is difficult in the bitchy business too . So don’t think that by just being a girl you will be able to face any kind of challenge”


Fat Ass –“ Hmm I was waiting for some one to convince me about that! “


Smarty – “No seriously look at you , even men today are trying to look pretty , I bet there are men going gaga over Ranbir Kapoor , and you cannot even think about starting the process here being a girl”


Fat Ass –“ Actually, you don’t know the truth , I have been in it for long time and now all I know is that there is a fixed deposit that I cannot just take anything out”


Smarty – “Rubbish”


FatAss –“ Go ahead, tell me about the fun you have. You only meet guys, acting like the screen sweet heroes to woo you , that too because the number of girls like you are going down alarmingly. Good looking girls are booked by NRI’s and stuff like that, Within good men easily available why should I worry about impressing any body. My aunty booked on Cardiologist in New York the other day “


Smarty – “Sometimes I feel bad , yup, somehow the good guys think that I am way above their league, since they only go to places where there are nerds and no divas, these guys have reduced their standards. Yup you are right”


Fat Ass –“ See my point. Enjoy the fruits of the mistakes of a whole generation of Indians, “


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