Monday, July 14, 2008

Why not?

Why not?

Why should I keep working all my life.

Yes, many did not want to and one of them was my father. He was a man of dreams, he let go of small money in distant dream that yes, more is on the way,

I remember the day when I was riding a broke bicycle and one of the sons of one of my fathers past employees son passed me in a good brand new motor cycle.


I have a made decent entry to the middle class of this rising India in the last few years but that was a sad story that reminds me of the mistakes that one generation before me some body committed and the payloads of it have been so huge that mending it will take another few years of my life in the coming time.


That is what has been the driving factor for me. Never to take anything for granted, not all talented people will reach their destiny. Most of the good and academically excellent students of our times, think that good will happen to them as they have scored better then their peers in the past. Things start getting messy when the boy you always thought to be inferior to you starts showing up as a possible money making machine. You start judging the maths score sheet in school with the monthly income.


I am sitting in a time where I can choose to go to a foreign country, earn money , ( eat there like rats in a drain , eat nominally and save money  ) . and come back for a better living style in India. Why India, because I know I will be able to dominate here when I come back. People will consider us as celebrities.


Enough, I say , but the mind always judges . It always compares, What can I do ?

I am a mere human with the knowledge that thinking so is a negative attitude, but what can I do against a torrent of such competition that runs in my blood the moment I was born in that hospital in an Indian city.

There is a competition to do things, better, faster and that to with the added salt , “no matter what you do you got to do it better than that neighbors, or that relative, or that colleagues son”


That is it!!! India will change, I will not make my son go through this pain. This pain of a broken imagery of family life, where to survive you will have to work better, For luxury you will have to pray to god and expect a lottery.


There is a culture but it is solely given to hypocrisy.


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