Monday, July 7, 2008

Found a site for Mohiner Ghora guli

Moni Da

Nostalgia, isn’t it ?

Pure Nostalgia.


Kuri bochor pore abar.

Mohiner Ghoraguli. Gautam Chatterjee. Often known as the father of the Jiban Mukhi revolution. The current Bengali generation does not have much of an exposure to the vibrancy of the cultural strength that the state of Bengal possesses.  Since all the talent has been distributed across the world in different offices work day and night in search of a better life.


We as a generation has lost it to the mistakes of the generation behind us. The intellectual individual is lost, and become the loner that he always wanted to become. 


Ghare Pherar Gaan

Prithibita naki

Dhander thekeo jatil

Porahshonar jalanjoli bhebe




Akashe charano megh .


And you wanted to meet Pritam.



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