Thursday, July 17, 2008

Result of all

Well, though it comes out of Bans mouth , I have started to agree on many of his banalisms.

The one that he finally pointed out on phone yesterday was a sad one. He is usually melodramatic about anything that he says, He is thinking of job and may be higher studies abroad and I find myself stuck with paying LIC next month for a secure future,


Are we supposed to be so worried  , will the future not take care of us. Atleast as promising student that I was I expect to do wonders with and in my life too, But it doesn’t seem to be the planned way, One way of success is a robot like life where I wake early in the morning, eat very less all day to keep my self active and not to waste a single minute in the day  , then go to sleep in the night , come back and stuff my head with this huge code base that is increasing day by day ,


I think that there is no quick solution or any such funda in life. Coming to Ban, what Ban told me , kept me awake all night,

He had seen some tennis site, nowadays many sites have started to broadcast news and stuff like that online, since media and publishing platforms have changed over the years and stuff like online channels are continuously raking in the money because of their cross platform availability.  He found this tennis site where he saw Raphael Nadal on a holilday with his girl friend . First of all he is Spanish so enjoys the attention of any woman on earth, second he enjoys the attention of spanish woman which is a blessing outright and on top of that he has a drop dead gorgeous girl friend. Now he was caught sun bathing and then surfing in cool blue waters somewhere off the coast of the Mediterranean. Paradise was it ?


Well, according to Ban , the better you have lived your life in the past few months, the better are your holidays, since you have earned well to get it, you have fatigued your mind to deserve it and you enjoy it in pure class and solitude since you could afford one such private place. That is the power of the quality of your work. The better it is , the better are your chances of getting a good holiday, Isnt it,


Every body takes a break, what is it about we Indian software engineers always feeling guilty and afraid of taking long break, What is it ?


It is not always the fear of losing a job, not always the guilt. I will tell you what, it is damn costly. That is it, it is not longer possible for us to enjoy a good holiday only because the prices have gone up, who cares if we earn may be more than we thought we could in our early childhood, When I compare how I spent 60 k this month I have no goddamn idea left in me to explain this .


What is it about India, it pays you in rupees and expects to take dollars out of you, The Indian youth is in deep stinking trouble if things don’t go as it was planned to be. What India is today is one situation of chaos, A bunch of corrupt  people deep in the stinking  mud of politics , corruption and nepotism. A economy fuelled so much by the American economy.




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