Monday, July 14, 2008

The intricate truths

Why were they not thrown upon us earlier?

Why does it take a whole childhood to realize the truths,


For a typical Indian teenager who enters his 20s with high flying thoughts , imaginations and dreams.

The world turns out to be a place full of chances and may be that I too may be a achiever some day.

Then the truth   starts unraveling. I would rather have a tougher teenage to break through earlier.


Education in India, a sheer mad and dirty business. How would you feel if your college says


“ I will give you a MBA degree  for 2.5 lakhs as admission fees without laptop and 3 lakhs with Laptops”


That is one astounding statement of the current situation of the education in country. Why do we study?

If I were the HR for a top recruitment company I will hire people right after their 12th and ask them to get the college degree through some evening college or some correspondence college. There is nothing like starting early so that by the time you are 25 you would already completed almost  decade of work and are ready to take that sabbatical and really think whether you need to study,


This is was the western countries are all about. A person really interested to pursue a course should fill that vacancy and not a jockey clad, BMW owner, son of a prick , who does not deserve to be even admitted to the holy institutions


A few days back  my cousin sister wanted to get into a good college in Kolkata. ( If possible I will try to keep this city our of my blogs, but it is haunted by its own mistakes , I cannot deny it , nor any other Bengali in this planet ) .

I know, that you cannot judge any body in todays world , but this man really a fat asshole if you were to ask me. Enters the admission hall, with a suitcase filled with money ,


His only statement was  “Katnaa paisa chaiye”


Out comes 12 lakhs, and that clerk on the counter will only cater to them right, He wont even think of my cousin ever again. These are the desparate times, lakhs and lakhs of people unable to provide education to their children.


I would say back to the jungles. I am getting increasingly tired of the scene that my country India stacks on to me.


Politics in the centre getting dominated by MP bargains, that is just the moral let down the youth of the country can suffer , I am sure the time is near when these sacks of degenerated politicians will be shown justice.


I never thought that I will say prayer has power, but here I do pray for this nation and its youth.  A need is indeed there for the youth to rise beyond its shell and grow to become what it should have years back.


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Anonymous said...

money works wonders in todays world but still merit matters ...either you have merit or money ...have none and you are a nobody.