Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Agartala on radar

Little did I think that somebody would target a small town like ours , situated in the far east of this country ,


Also called themselves the seven sisters, the step sisters so as to the feelings in side. We never thought about getting caught in this trap of mans vicious image of religion.


The news articles are misleading and some of the sites are really taking a lot of time to download,


The Agartala blasts rocked the town sometime around 7:50 in the evening today ( October 1st , 2008 ) .  With the Durga Pujas just knocking on the doors, and coming Monday being the first of the auspicious days , people have been on a marketing spree for to get hold of the last minute goodies. Near about 8:00 pm being a prime time for the town shopping culture, the terrorists were pretty clear about indicating their intentions. All the four points, Radhanagar bust depot, Golbazar ( the first to get affected ) , Shyamoli Bazar and Palace grounds were targeted during the busiest times of the day,

All the phone networks ( which anyway remain busy during this time of the evening are now jammed to a deadlock.

My father was supposed to reach the town sometime today and we had a scary time trying to get some news. Anyway, he reached there after the blasts and is safe,

Agartala is an unique town where everybody almost knows every other body . And it is difficult to imagine such a dastardly act at this time of the year. I am afraid about the Durga Pujas in Kolkata.


By the way, the problem with Indian media is , it really shows that life in India has not worth even a correct media report,

The editor I am sure frowns upon one or two deaths, They want bigger numbers, One channel shows 76 injured, one shows, 100 injured,

Some say no one died, some say 1 died and some say two, The correct reports will be available sometime tomorrow. Till then , let me try and keep this page posted as much as possible.


The blasts were of low intensity but having stayed in Agartala for about 18 years of my life I can tell you that the target areas chosen were some of the most crowded of all in this time of the day and year.

That explains the high number of injured people.

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