Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The gloomy Ashtami

From the eyes of a software engineer, Who is working his ass off, here somewhere in one corner of the country , where he is supposed to be having fun,


 I just called one of my relatives, who is out with sickness due to his efforts yesterday ( I mean Puja Parkrama of course )

May be this is what everyone likes, the fun the frills and the filling of each and every corner of any restaurant, or hotel or any park or anything. We are in max utilization mode as of now in Kolkata. The channels are blaring all the time, there is no need to find out any news or any thing creative as of now, all the creativity is done for now. The city is vibrant, and there  is a lot of jostling happening here and there .


Though my appetite is gone, still sitting home and working does sound like a rather boring proposition but the lack of friends in Kolkata is another factor that  is keeping me home. This is rather a time to enjoy but commitment to work is one thing that I have somehow acquired after seeing the result of non commitment from others. I know how odd it is to be not present when somebody requires you,


The dhaak is rolling and as Derek O Brien once rightfully said, that his being a Christian does not take away anything from celebrating this festival of light, sounds and art. Small colonies, small alleys and every possible known place to man is decorated. People are gathering and especially the youth are out in their best,

Yes, there is a small problem with people like me who are sitting in between , we know that everything is meaningless, and on the other hand I also want to enjoy just like anyone else. Does every one else go through the same changes, Does everyone else also go through these feelings that everything is meaning less, In the end there is no meaningful existence and that the pursuit of happiness is a never ending process, and what point of time do you take a stance, take a look at what have you done , and where to put that full stop

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