Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A small cool trick

Well, I was just thinking,

If I were to conduct any interviews ( I mean technically ) , one of the things I will ask is a rapid fire session, where I will  ask , name 10 ways to find out whether  a machine is 64 bit machine or   a 32 bit machine



Coming back to the new trick that I was talking about,


%f is a percentage specifier for float and

%lf is a percentage specifier for double,


How you remember that always,  f->float is alright,

Now always read double as double float , ( float on your tummy or your back ) , Just try to think of this ridiculous idea, and you may keep this anecdote behind it that some rascal like me ( Rahiakil jee ) , was one evening bothered to call double a double float, because floating one both sides you become a long float, and due to it being a long float, I call it a %lf for a the printf specifier,


If ever some one tumble across this and then does not thank me for it, I would rather start believing that the world is not a nice to place to stay anymore

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