Sunday, October 26, 2008

Bank Of Baroda,

it is a sad thing that I know that so much money is sitting out there but I will not be able to make it.


For the Bank of Baroda , shares now confortably priced at 245. this is one of the banks that does not fluctuate much, I don’t know why, even though it has international presence. Some market research will show some extraordinary results.

NRI;s are throwing in their money in Indian banks, worried about the state of banks in the western countries. Thus BOB did declare a profit over the weekend for its Q2 results. I know that the share will open tomorrow at 260 .


This is about 6 % profit , if, some one were to take loan and invest about 2000000 lets say in the market, he  would be happily placed with 60K in hand by tomorrow morning. This is the power of money in the stock markets.

Sitting at home you could be reaping millions.


My scripts have become consistent and over the period of the next six months, without actually investing money in the market I will make calls rather sitting at home.


Just to see whether the scripts are doing fine

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