Friday, October 3, 2008

Singur , why and what

I will tell you onething, CPIM has stepped into one of its own laid traps.
The noose goes this way, If literacy was high, if they had allowed media and technology to seep deep into the rural areas, this agreement and compensation package would have been enough.


TATA has never seen a stance from a State Government ever before, It gives the industrialists a real good feeling about the people controlling the affairs. Here it is

1) 67 acres from the project area will be returned,

2) Additional 50% compensation for all land losers, both willing and unwilling, which means that land losers will gain Rs. 4-6 lakh more per acre,

3) Additional 50% compensation for all recorded sharecroppers in case where land is owned by absentee landlords. Recorded sharecroppers were eligible for 25% of the compensation for the regular land losers,

4) Wages for 300 days will be paid at one go to all unrecorded sharecroppers and agriculture labourers,

5) State government will commit itself to providing government jobs or indirect employment within one year from the commissioning of the project to a member from each land loser family,

6) Such members will enjoy a special category status in the employment exchange and will be given privileged treatment for filling up vacancies in ancillary units,

7) All surrounding villages, under a peripheral development scheme, will get roads hospitals, schools and colleges which will be funded by the government through the gram panchayat which presently is with the Trinamul.




Now you can always ask ,as to what could have gone wrong. This in itself could have been a victory for Trinamul . But the agitation continued for ever.

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