Saturday, October 4, 2008

Nightmares of getting a broad band connection in Kolkata

My mama jee,applied somewhere around the end of 2006 for a BSNL broadband line. That was presumably in expectation that it will take about an year to be processed. They were lucky , they say, since they got the processing done in 7 months or so odd .


Hold your thoughts friends, that was atypical to the BSNL broadband user scenario in almost all parts of the country, Well, for my mamajee who is a die hard fan of BSNL , he did not budge from his determination . There was once a time he says that it used to be celebration time when one house hold got their phone lines. A small puja was organized and the best table in the house was laid out for the phone, The cable guy was seated in the best sofas and laddoo shaddoo were offered to the demi god, The god who has suddenly increased their prestige by a mile and lifted the spirit of the family and confidence in the countries administration.


Mama jee, realized that processing done means, “Hold on we will come and install”, keep praying , anyday , we will be ready and there  you go .


After three months, one fine morning  I called them up , they were busy as they internet wallahs have come and have started arrangements for the installation of the connection. First they gave a land line connection . A new phone , a new number, that was jubiliations all along. Allthough the last question asked was, when will the connection get activated,

I called them up after 2 months, They were waiting for the connection to be activated. There was some problem with the current loads in the BSNL servers and it was getting increasingly difficult for the people to maintain anything properly.  So they are not entertaining any more new activations. Well the drama lasted for about another one month and finally they have internet at home.


Mama jee ki beti , started being on Orkut all the time, and there were frequent pings. Then one day suddenly, Mama jee started asking me all sorts of question regarding what is download limit and uploadlimit.


I was a bit surprised, but after querying the facts out I realized , my Mama jee has been asked to pay about 6000 rs in BSNL bills . Well, I was not surprised . He paid it . He gave in  , but was completely infuriated . He asked the beti to use the net less ( especially the web cam part ) and the beta to stop frequenting the gaming sites so often.

Incidently , they were out of town for most of the next month , on some vacations and personal  commitments as well as the exams to start with.


This month the bill was 10000. Wow, that was like BSNL struck lottery with you , they have a meter that says that lets test the tolerance level, he paid 6 k , hmmm, lets tune it a bit and make it 10k. He might have used it. HE MIGHT AS WELL BELIEVE IT.


Oh wow and there it is, the net connection , waiting there in the lines all your life, you have forgotten that things can be done swiftly and you deserve service. You then start growing a negative attitude towards all the services especially the government ones


I myself, am a victim of unavailable networks and impossible connection in and around the town , in important places like Lake Town. In places like DumDum and NagerBazarm they need to feasibility tests all the time to get a net connection,


Reliance and Tata Indicom the two other players here, will shift their infrastructure, depending on the demand and you will seldom be left out with no option but  to wait at their mercy , if they say a no, well, you have to bear the pain of a intermittent unreliable connection from the local guys, and there you go,


I am now sitting on a dead line, without any connection, waiting for someone  from the Alliance Help to look into the matter, The local guys her who run the cable net will not allow most of the other bigger players to play,

And it is difficult to explain to them , the yes, some people like me are looking for ward to work online, We have moved on and we no longer belong to your philosophy of idling around,



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