Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Sorry for the last post on Participatory notes

The format is all a mess. I will try to improve on it.


I just went down to the TB hospital in search of the sweepers colony there. The guys there charge exorbitantly for cleaning one drain ( though the prices of manual labor in India for these kind of work is very low , these guys are loaded in their demands as I looked pretty novice here in Kolkata )


Still, Kolkata is far better in many things. The other day the Rickshawallah in Old Digha took us for  ride as he charged 50 bucks for Old Digha to New Digha trip. Moreover when I wanted to give him 40 he made faces which resembled some one who just suffered a stock market crash.



The sweepers colony is inside the premises of the TB Hospital here in Patipukur. Mostly the people here know about anything and everything that goes in and around this place, but finding something online is becoming costlier and more difficult day by day ,

Soon people will have to resort to using their own tools and stopping looking for outside help for plumbing, wood work and day to day electric work.

I think being a Computer Engineer you just get yourself a tag of being an engineer and nothing more than that. We  in future will have to become able electricians if things are to be kept in control.



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