Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I keep chasing bugs

From 2 o clock in the afternoon , the only thing that I have possibly done is chase about 4 bugs, well, learning some thing or the other. This is now a process that has started to look like unfathomable.

There is just too much to learn. The smarter guy would choose only the things that really matter , but I am finding myself increasingly lost in this process. Since if I clog with the work at hand, I slowly  keep the important matters in hand , or pending decisions in a stack which I am not visiting ever again,

They just get stuck there as loose ends . The strings that never got a chance to get back


Still, there are a lot of other things that I keep doing,like blogging, figuring out the stock market. But one small thing for all, time is flying. Never before has it done so at such a quick pace as I have done.


Today in India, with a cut throat competition and the western markets helping us, I think we desperately need heroes who can create an India, where we need a TCS or a Wipro  only serve the local markets. Currently foreign companies, set up by individuals or teams with vision that goes in time well into future had at some point of time taken the pains ( not that the rewards were not fulfilling ) , but these individuals set up industries, infrastructures, and companies that succeeded in changing the face of the economic world and they keep doing so even till now.

And India is one example, our IT boom is an example of what we can get from just helping them in their business.

Think if we were to host such business houses within the nation , the value we could have added to the company, the country and the place we live  in.


We are losing it !

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