Friday, October 3, 2008

Mamata Banerjee has pulled the trigger

Yes, the dead meat is hanging and we need to cut out pieces from it for a single dinner may be.


Who will understand me today ?

Who will cry with me today?


May be a small ray of hope died somewhere, somebody shouted, somebody writhed in pain. Some are happy, may be the competitors of Nano.


No one but the middle class, we the screws and bolts of daily life, We sit down today, take a small breath amidst the many we take , stuck in ruthless traffic, bustling crowded buses , in our run for the next empty auto and haggling with the rickshaw walla.  We take this small breath, a small heave, small death,

A small funeral .


Somebody has pulled the trigger, There exists a time machine and yes West Bengal today has stepped ten years back ,

Yes, we have  suddenly jumped ten years back when the world is progressing.

I say that , yes, lets not have industrialization which kill greenery , and kill innocents, but somewhere I too feel that in India, some of the lives are not living. They die every morning and remain dead throughout the dead


There is just too much usage and too less to give.

I pay my homage to my dreams that once thought , West Bengal will rise back to its dreamed future.

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