Friday, October 3, 2008

Singur, Agitation from the local people

A mob based approach to the whole scenario and the West Bengal government abstaining from any Nandigram tactics. They have abstained from reenacting  Tianamen Square this time.  They have just kept it low for the sake of popularity and politics, not because they really care



I just saw some reports from Star Ananda, ( there are a number of channels here in Kolkata that telecast  something or the other throughout the day ) . Tara Newz though has learned some lessons from one of Abul Kalams speeches and have resorted to a coverage of films, and upcoming events and the Panchami ( agomoni  tomorrow ) . They have somehow not brought Kabir Suman to the studios for a brief introduction to hysteria for a change.


Yesterday the local boys here celebrated  the Puja hard work ( bhaater kaaj )  with a lot of booze, dutch courage and abuse and fight. They have no care where the world is going and what is happening to their own future. The noise was something that I was not used to and right below my window here in my house, men of my age ,  celebrating a day which can only be written in history as a complete full stop for many.



Today , the localites in Singur have started to dig up the road, stop some more work and for them life is a continuous process of wasting your days. Nothing can be of importance, not even the world waiting at their doorsteps.


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