Friday, October 3, 2008

There are still no articles on Singur

Nano is gone and none of the internet results yet show this.


I as a Bengali and sitting in Kolkata, do realize that this is a historic moment of failure. I will celebrate this failure of the Bengalis. I just hope we will learn something from today,
May be this incident will turn the wheel around, May be there is a positive side to it, May be we will survive politics, and do something worthwhile,


May be something inside me is afraid to put it out in the open. It is not the government, yes, the fear is true, the people themselves are weak . I am afraid to say this but may be it is ingrained in we Bengalis, We are supposed to fail,


And here we come crashing. Failure it is . I want to go out and shout, Failure it is , lets celebrate failure

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